Official Scholarship Criteria



  1. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited School, College, or University. (An accredited school is defined as an institution whose credit hours are recognized by a College or University as transferable towards earning a degree). The recipient shall be a second, third, fourth, or fifth-year student with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale or a C average on the applicant's academic record to be eligible for a scholarship.

    First-year and graduate school students are not eligible to receive a Pipeliners Association of Houston Educational Fund scholarship. Scholarship awards are available only to students working toward their first Bachelor's Degree. Scholarships are not awarded for additional Bachelor's degrees, Masters's Degrees, post-graduate work, certifications, or schooling for professional licenses taken after graduation with a Bachelor's degree. The Pipeliners Association of Houstion Educational Fund also does not pay for Masters level classes taken in conjunction with Bachelor-level classes.

    Scholarships are not awarded for Summer School.

    No restriction shall be placed on the recipient's degree program. Only those students classified as full-time are eligible for scholarships (Full-time designation is 12 or more hours per semester at most universities).

    Dual credit from High School does not constitute the First Year of College. Please refer to section 6 below for information on submitting transcripts.

    In some cases, students must participate in internship, clinical, or co-op programs to complete their degree requirements. Due to participation, students may not meet the technical definition for full-time.

    If the institution considers the student full-time (per federal filings for educational institutions as reported to the Department of Education), PAH will consider the student full-time. If the internship or co-op program requires the student to fall below the minimum hours for normal full-time students, the student must provide an Enrollment Certification from their institution verifying full-time student status. These can be requested from the Registrar's office. Certifications should be emailed from the institution to
  2. Scholarship award eligibility shall be limited to relatives of the Association's members in good standing. A member in good standing for scholarship purposes shall have paid dues for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years. In addition, the sponsoring member must have attended a minimum of six (6) meetings in the previous calendar year (Jan - Dec). Proof of attendance must be verified through the official Scholarship Attendance Application while at the event. The committee will not accept receipts, meeting prepayment emails, volunteer logs, or verbal verification for attendance verification. NO EXCEPTIONS. PLEASE NOTE: The 2023 Sponsor Attendance Requirement is six (6) meetings or events. The Pipeliners Association of Houston defines a relative as a parent, step-parent, grandparent, step-grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, sibling, or spouse.
  3. The scholarship award is a fixed amount determined by a meeting of the Board of Directors. It is based upon normal tuition, enrollment fees, and textbooks for a two-semester enrollment. Failure to complete a two-semester enrollment may, at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors, warrant a pro-rata refund from the recipient for that part of the two twelve (12) hour semester(s) not completed.
  4. The duration of the Scholarship is for a single academic year beginning no later than the fall semester following the award. Unless the applicant indicates that they will graduate in December, checks are sent to the school for the total amount of the award. This will be split into two distributions: one for the Fall Term and one for the Spring term. Should the student withdraw before the beginning of the term, the amount for that period is to be returned to the Scholarship Committee.
  5. Candidates must apply each year for consideration. Candidates are eligible for their second, third, fourth, and fifth academic year.
  6. The completed application, including reference letters, must be submitted electronically. A copy of the applicant's official transcript from EVERY college or university attended must be mailed to the address listed on the electronic application or sent via eTranscript per the instructions listed on the electronic application. Any additional information, including deadlines, will be posted on the website approximately three (3) months before the interview date.
  7. Please note the interview instructions on the "Scholarship" page. Candidates must be available for a face-to-face interview with the Scholarship Committee. Discussions are held the Saturday before Easter every year. Interviews are typically scheduled between 7:30 am and 5:30 pm; however, the exact times will depend on the number of qualifying applicants. Please make yourself available during these times. You may request a specific time during this window. Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions to the interview requirement.
  8. The June Pipeliners Association Meeting will announce the successful candidate(s).
  9. The Pipeliners Association of Houston Educational Fund Scholarship Committee abides by the PAH Expected Personal Conduct Policy. Failure by an applicant, sponsor, parent, or other individual representing the student's interest during the application process to comply with the Policy may result in the applicant's disqualification for a scholarship.
Updated 01/17/2024