The 2018 Scholarship Application is now closed. Please watch your email for information on your application status and the interview schedule. You can log-in to your application in order to see which documents have been received. Once the interviews have been scheduled you will also be able to check your appointment time.

The deadline to apply for the 2019 PAH Scholarship is noon, March 14, 2019.

 Before you begin filling out the application please review the Instructions page. This page has information that will help the application process go more smoothly.
You will need the following in order to complete your application:
  1. A current photo of yourself to upload (jpg or png format).
  2. The email address that your sponsor uses to sign in to the Pipeliners website.
  3. Two email addresses for each of your three reference contacts. Please note that your personal reference letters must be submitted through the electronic system.
  4. Information on the amount of scholarships, grants, and loans you receive.
No applications or supporting materials will be accepted and no modifications to an existing application may be submitted after 12 noon on March 14, 2019. There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy regardless of reason.