The Pipeliners Association of Houston has grown their focus on professional development by establishing the Pipeline Young Professionals group in 2016 and then focusing on developing education for our members.

PAH has reached out to The University of Texas at Austin Petroleum Extension (PETEX) to develop online training courses of their Pipeline Technology ILT (Instructor-led training) for PAH members. PETEX has three Instructor-led training courses currently offered to their clients:

              Pipeline Technology Design

              Pipeline Technology Operations

              Pipeline Technology Maintenance

PETEX is currently working on the conversion of their existing Pipeline Technology Design course to an online course, with delivery to PAH scheduled for July 2020.

The courses developed will be available to PAH members through the PETEX Learning Management Systems (LMS).

PAH has volunteer Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) available to help develop and review content with PETEX.

After delivery of the first online course in 2020, PAH and PETEX will meet about the development of the remaining two courses.

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