Industry Associations

Oklahoma City Pipeliners Established in 2015, the Oklahoma City Pipeliners club is a non-profit organization connecting upstream, midstream and downstream communities for the advancement of engineering, maintenance and operating practices.  Each year we provide Scholarships to assist eligible students with their education expenses.  Scholarship Funds are raised through memberships, sponsorships and fundraising / networking events held throughout the year.  Find out more at

Louisiana Oil & Gas Association LOGA (known before 2006 as LIOGA) was organized in 1992 to represent the Independent and service sectors of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana; this representation includes exploration, production and oilfield services. Their primary goal is to provide their industry with a working environment that will enhance the industry. LOGA services its membership by creating incentives for Louisiana's oil & gas industry, warding off tax increases, changing existing burdensome regulations, and educating the public and government of the importance of the oil and gas industry in the state of Louisiana.

Louisiana Pipeliners The Louisiana Pipeliners Association is a non-political and non-profit corporation formed in 1996 for the purpose of promoting all aspects of the pipeline industry in Louisiana. Regular dinner meetings at different locations around the state are planned for the presentation and discussion of appropriate material for the general betterment of the members of the association. As a means to provide a civic service, the Association has established a Scholarship Fund in order to award grants to eligible college students. Golf tournaments are used as a major source of raising funds for this purpose (Spring and Fall).
The Pipeliners Club of Tulsa Each year, the Pipeliners Club of Tulsa provides Scholarship Grants to area Colleges and Universities for the purpose of promoting the high standards of the industry and to assist worthy students in furthering their education. The Scholarship Fund is made possible through the membership fees and efforts of Club Members and the contributions of Operating Companies and Suppliers associated with the Pipe Liners Club of Tulsa.

San Antonio Pipeliners The San Antonio Pipeliners Association (SAPA), was established in 2005 to primarily provide an opportunity for "peer-to-peer" networking for men and women involved in the pipeline and midstream industries. Monthly topics range from technical issues important to the industry, governmental affairs affecting the industry, and academia's efforts to prepare and influence the next generation toward a career in the oil and gas industry. A secondary goal of the San Antonio Pipeliners Association is to provide scholarships to deserving second, third, fourth or fifth-year college students pursuing a bachelor or graduate degree in math, science, or engineering. Funds for the scholarships are raised through golf tournaments, clay shoots, and fishing tournaments held throughout the fiscal year. The scholarship winners will be announced at the June monthly meeting and distributed to the student's university.

Appalachian Pipeliners Association The Appalachian Pipeliners Association was established to promote and support the pipeline industry in the northeastern United States and provide members with opportunities to support the industry, as well. The mission of the APA is to promote pipeline engineering and operational best practices that will benefit both association membership and the pipeline industry as a whole. It is both non-profit and non-political. The focus is to raise scholarship funds supporting secondary educational opportunities for the youth of the northern Appalachian region. Funds are raised through memberships, donations and annual outings. Association members assemble socially for presentations, speakers and discussions on matters relevant to the pipeline industry.

Rocky Mountain Pipeliners Club The Rocky Mountain Pipeliners Club was formed in April of 2015 to promote the advancement of all aspects of pipeline engineering, construction and operation in the rocky mountain region. It is our belief that the most important commodity in our industry is our workforce. We serve our members and constituents in a number of ways but the club’s primary initiative is to provide scholarships to those men and women looking to improve themselves through education. We differentiate ourselves in that we intend to support our licensed workers out in the field as much or more as our degreed professional employees. This means our welders, diesel mechanics, pipe fitters, electricians and other essential technical field support. We want to help these workers through scholarship opportunities of up to $2,000 so they may move from a welder to a weld inspector, from support staff to a certified diesel mechanic through licensing and certification courses that may otherwise be unobtainable. In this we can help someone go from an $8/hour job to a $30/hour job and help secure a brighter future for them and their families. We find that there are many opportunities out there for college students, future petroleum engineers, or those graduating in the top of their high school classes, but outside of our unions, we have not found much support for those blue collar folks that easily make up 50% or more of our industry’s work force. We intend to fill that gap and have found enormous support in our community for this.

Gas/Electric Partnership Conference, established in 1994, annually focuses on the planning of gas/liquids infrastructure from the wellhead through transmission, with emphasis on compression facilities. Gas pipeline interfaces with power are especially important where electricity is used to drive compressors and gas is supplied for power generation.